Evening Drive to Khashdhar Village of Rohru

I was born in Rohru, a small town about 100kms away from Shimla, known for its apple orchards, but having spent all of my life outside, I hardly know this region. So, every day I make it a point to drive to a new village and spend my evening there. Hope I’ll be able to visit all of the villages very soon.

While enquiring about villages with really bad roads, my neighbour who is a government school teacher in Rohru, invited me to her village in Chwarah valley. I didn’t really have time to explore it all, but I’ll return with more pictures and information. You can follow lifeinshimla.com to see more villages like these in the near future.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Originally published at https://khagta.com on March 13, 2018.



Director / Photographer from Shimla.

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