7050km on a Farm Tractor — Chandigarh to Kanyakumari and back

Himanshu Khagta
3 min readFeb 18, 2022

April 1, 2018 Journal

After the Longest and Highest Tractor Expedition to Ladakh covering 3623kms in 14 days in 2012, Jaibir Virk planned yet another expedition in 2013. This time he along with Amit Chaudhary would take the tractor to Kanyakumari and back creating a world record for the longest journey on a farm tractor. I would navigate and sometimes drive the support vehicle along with the tractor. Indo Farm gave us a brand new closed cabin tractor with Air Conditioning and a music system. We started from Chandigarh and for the next 19 days, we would be on the road driving speed of 30kmph and a Toyota Innova following it. From Chandigarh, we drove straight through Madhya Pradesh to Kanyakumari and on our way back to the coastal route via Kerala, Goa, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Here are some pictures

Amit Chaudhary and Jaibir Virk pose in front of the tractor they are about to take on the longest Indian journey on a farm tractor.
At a Dhaba, the owner wanted a picture with the tractor somehwere in Madhya Pradesh, India
Amit Chaudhary and Jaibir Virk poses in front of the tractor somewhere in central India
It was quite amusing to for everyone to see a closed cabin farm tractor.
Somewhere in Central India.
We were waiting for our support vehicle somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. So we asked some locals on the road for a round on their bicycle.
Sitting with my farmer friends and chatting about the prices of land in this region of Madhya Pradesh.
Yoga is catching up on the highways of Madhya Pradesh.
Amit Chaudhary poses with our farmer friends in Madhya Pradesh
Crossing Hyderabad, Telangana.
We stopped to buy Guava from this lady on the road to Bangalore.
Ganpati statue being taken to a water source.
We take a left for Bangalore.
Kanyakumari is 1165km from here.
We ran out of fuel in the middle of the highway so we called our friends in the support vehicle. Refuelling a fuel-hungry tractor is another task.
Rain welcomed us in Bangalore and thankfully we had windscreen wipers.
We stopped by at a Banana farm and Amit Chaudhary and Jaibir Virk wanted some touristy pictures.
Coconut and Bananana farm in Bangalore, Karnataka
So we enter Tamil Nadu on NH 207
Some crowded city in Tamil Nadu.
Stopped for a quite bite at a Drive through. The attended clearly wasn’t expecting a farm tractor.
At a food joint near Kanyakumari.
So we entered Kanyakumari District.
Kanyakumari City with a beautifully modified taxi.
So we reached Kanyakumari.
This guy made some really delicious coconut shake. An ex-army man, he was posted in Ambala. So we became good friends. He even shared the recipe.
We enter Kerala.
Next destination — Kochi 152 km
A boy from Kerala was really happy to see us.
Stopped to enjoy the setting sun while waiting for our support vehical.
Refuelling in Rajasthan
This was our endpoint. 7050km in 19 days. For a press conference in JW Marriot in Chandigarh. These guys were quite confused to see a Farm Tractor.