3623 kms to Ladakh on a Farm Tractor

Himanshu Khagta
4 min readFeb 17, 2013


So last year we went on a rather unusual journey. We took a farm tractor 3623 kms across Ladakh through the most dangerous roads, highest passes and random rivers. In the end it also got two of my team members a Limca World Record (not me as I didn't have a tractors license) after we completed the journey in just fourteen days. Unfortunately, the journey could not be documented properly as I had an accident at Drass were my right shoulder got dislocated while climbing the tractor. The accident was horrible because there was no car accident lawyer or so much as a sign of civilisation where it happened. I used my phone to take most of the pictures.

The Vehicle

We were given a brand new green colored 65hp 3065DI tractor by Indo Farm Equipments Pvt. Ltd. They also sponsored fuel and other expenses as this expedition would prove that their machine in capable of running in extreme conditions and can take severe weather variations.

Two days before the journey, Indo Farm gave us the tractor so that our trailor caravan could be attached to it. The caravan, designed by Jazzy Paji ( Jaibir Singh Virk) had two compartments divided horizontally. The top part could be used for sleeping while the bottom section was used for storing 150lt of fuel and other stuff. The caravan had a waterproof softtop and two fans. We later attached a Belkin AC Anywhere to power our devices.

The Team

1. Jaibir Singh Virk - Works as an Advocate, is a hardcore adventurer, started traveling at the age of 16. Did many expeditions on car, bike and bi-cycle. Holds a limca world record for a Solo Tractor Ride in the Himalayas at Highest Altitude, where he traveled 3174 kms across the Himalayas in just 18 days. He is also the President of Fox Adventure Club.
2. Amit Chaudhary - Traveler, Adventurer, Hardcode biker. Holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy. He is also a founding member of Fox Adventure Club. He works as a teacher in Kurukshetra.
3. Me.

The Route

The Journey

The expedition was full of so many amazing experiences that I can write a book on it, but for this post I'll just share the notes in my diary chronologically. So here we go.


Day One ( Started at 8 pm )
24 May 2012

  • Drove alternately.
  • 04:00am - Breakfast at McDonald's Dashua. Amit still sleeping.
  • 01:00pm - Crossed Pathankot and reached Udhampur via Thein Dam.
  • Dry hot air blowing straight on our face.
  • Dinner at Patni Top. Best Rajma Chawal I'v ever had.

Day Two
25 May 2012

  • Early morning breakfast of Rajma Chawal.
  • Temperature dropped to around 20 Degree Celsius
  • The road got interesting and we crossed interestingly named places like, Khuni Nallah and Shaitani Nallah.
  • Further drop in temerature. Jackets out.
  • Srinagar still 50 kms away. Started drizzling.
  • Reached Srinagar. Heavy Rain. Impossible to drive. Front tyres showering us with water.
  • Parked. Having juices and snacks in our caravan as the rain gets heavy.
  • The rain stopped. Started moving again.
  • Reached Kangan at 10.30pm. Had dinner and slept in the caravan.

Day 3
26 May 2012

  • Left Kangan after breakfast.
  • Towed a Force Traveler full of tourists for 14kms till Sonmarg.
  • Parked at Sonemarg. Raining again.
  • Crossed Zojila Pass. Covered with Snow.
  • 4:00PM - Agyam
  • 10:00pm - Reached Drass - Had dinner - Dislocated my shoulder while climbing the tractor.
  • 2:00am - Reached Kargil - Hospitals closed - Slept in the caravan.

Day 4
27 May 2012

  • 6am : Kargil Civil Hospital - No Doctor. Obviously.
  • Found the address of the hospital Orthopedist, Dr. Abdul Zalil, an amazing person. He relocated my shoulder and tied it. Have to not move it for 2 weeks.
  • Enjoyed Ladakhi Bread and tea at his home. Thanked him and moved on. He didn't even accept any fees for his early morning services.
  • Refuelled at Kargil. Took the Kargil-Zanskar Road to reach Padum. It's a 240km stretch of dirt road and would be longest and bumpiest one.
  • Average speed - 5.8km/h.
  • 25km before Rangdum - Exhausted.
  • Luggage, equipment and caravan full of dust.
  • Covered our faces and slept.

Day 5
28 May 2012

  • Started early in the morning. Crossed Pansila at 10.30am.
  • Beautiful Road. Small natural lake, barren landscape and huge mountains.
  • Darang Darung Glaciar - What an awesome glaciar!
  • Reached Phey Village.
  • Stayed at our friends home. Tashi Choptup.
  • Slept like logs.

Day 6
29 May 2012

  • Breakfast with Yak Milk Curd.
  • Got back on the same road to reach Kargil.
  • Kargil - 238 kms away.
  • Tied our luggage with ropes. Increased our speed to 18km/h and made our journey more uncomfortable.
  • Maggie Lunch at Rangdum.
  • Reached Sangkhoo at 10pm and had dinner.
  • Crossed Kargil. Now Parked on Kargil Leh road.
  • Slept.

Day 7
30 May 2012

  • Crossed Namkila Pass.
  • Maggie + Tea breakfast.
  • Smooth Road. Average speed 30km/h
  • Reached Kaltsi at a Punjabi Dhaba.
  • Had Paranthas after days. Now I know why Punjabi Dhabas are so popular everywhere.
  • Getting late for permits.
  • Stopped a Taxi and Amit went ahead to get the permits ready for the route ahead.
  • Reached Leh, refueled our tanks.
  • Not allowed to cross Khardung La Pass after sunset.
  • Parked at Leh. Tractor attracting a lot of attention.
  • Having awesome food after days.

Day 8
31 May, 2012

Day 9
1 June 2012



Himanshu Khagta

Director / Photographer from Shimla.